18. 6. 2024


World Table Hockey Association is international, non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in 1992 in Sweden. Estabishing members of the WTHA are Sweden, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Since August 2006, the WTHA is registered according to the Czech law system and has its seat in Prague.

The main task of the WTHA is to lead and organise international table hockey competitions, especially competitions category BILLIARD-HOCKEY for all categories of players. The WTHA organises European or world championships in billiard-hockey and lots of other tournaments in this game.

The WTHA is also open for other table hockey disciplines (like air-hockey, rod-hockey games, etc.) and competitions in these games.

Contemporary, the WTHA has more than 20 member countries. Ask for the WTHA contact person in your country on info@tablehockey.cz or be the first WTHA member in your country. For more information how to join WTHA competitions or other activities use the bellow mentioned contact information.

Official seat

Metelkova 1851/40, 664 34 KUŘIM, Czech Republic

Identification number

714 59 227

Seznam funkcí

Address for correspondence

Patrik Juchelka – WTHA, Metelkova 1851/40, 664 34, KUŘIM, Czech Republic